Charmaine & Mark Maternity Photo Shoot

Another Maternity Photo Shoot with a lovely couple. Charmaine and Mark are expecting their first baby and its only 3 weeks left. Congratulations once again…

Many thanks for the excellent pictures and professional service, you made the process very easy and effortless. We are very happy with the results and would have no problem in recommending your service to anybody else.

Thanks again!
Charmaine & Mark

Maann Photography Maternity Photo Shoot

Warsaw Nightlife

A couple of days ago I visited Warsaw in Poland. Warsaw is my hometown and I haven’t been there for almost three years. I always wanted to do some night-time photography in there but there was never good opportunity. Even this time there was not too much time left for anything and the weather was crap too. I took a chance one evening and went to the old town area which was quite busy at the time. I was looking for a long exposure pictures – particularly the “light trails”. Below you can see some of the pictures that I have ended up with…

Warsaw Nightlife by Maann Photography